COVID-19 Update

Campfire WILD looks forward to inviting you and your child to Dyehouse Field Wood for weekly, term-time Forest School sessions. We have gathered advice from various sources including Government, Forest School Association and Suffolk County Council’s Covid-19 guidelines and set up a system that will minimise the risk of infection and keep you and your children and staff safe in the woods.

You can download our Risk Assessment and Parent Information using the links at the bottom of this document.

There is strong evidence that being outdoors reduces stress, keeps immunity strong, builds resilience and a sense of community and keeps us physically healthy.

We aim to get the balance right and will do all we can to keep the session fun and relaxed, building resilience not fear.


Please only bring yourself and your child to Forest School if you are all fit and well. Although the most obvious symptoms of COVID-19 are a high temperature and a new persistent cough, we now know that people can experience a wide range of other symptoms such as loss of taste or smell. If you are in any doubt if your child may be unwell, please stay at home.

If anyone in your household displays the main symptoms of COVID-19, all members of the household will need to self-isolate for 14 days.


The Forest School Association (FSA) believes that due to the nature of Forest School sessions and facilitating the play needs of children and young people, the most appropriate precaution which can be taken is to create and maintain learner “bubbles”. 

This means that equipment, resources and the environment can be shared within that “bubble” without significant risk. This bubble may last 2 hours or it may last days. 

Your child will be encouraged to follow the 2m or at least 1m social distancing guidelines, but as you can appreciate, it isn’t easy. Physical run-around games will not be set up by adults. Although we will encourage social distancing, there may be times when children are playing when they will forget. 


We will share information about personal hygiene and raising awareness of how to minimise the spread of infections in a sensitive and age appropriate way. We want to keep the session relaxed and safe for everyone. Please check that your child washes their hands before leaving home and when they get home from Forest School, although we will ask them to use the tippy taps on entry and exit too. 

Children will wash their hands regularly using our hands-free Tippy Tap water system. Staff and parents will ensure children wash their hands after they have been to the toilet and at other times, including before eating and before they leave to go home at the end of the session. We have soap and hand sanitisers for use throughout the day.  Hands will also be washed or sanitised before using ropes or tools. If you would like to bring your own soap, sanitizer or hand cream please do. 

We will increase our daily cleaning time to ensure that it equipment is kept as clean as possible. In addition, surfaces will be cleaned regularly during the session. We will use bins to collect waste in the forest school log circle areas, in the kitchen area and by the tippy taps for any hand towels that may be used. These will be emptied during the day and the bins will be re-lined with fresh bags.


If your child needs any form of first aid , appropriate PPE equipment will be worn by a member of staff. This will include wearing gloves and face shield/visor where appropriate.


If a member of the group displays any signs of illness including typical COVID-19 symptoms, they will be taken to a quiet area assisted in making plans to get home. Other families will be kept away to avoid any further distress to anyone.



Anyone booking into our sessions must agree for contact details to be held for 21 days and if requested, we will pass these onto the track and trace service. 

Communication is key...

We hope that you feel reassured with the measures that we have put in place, please do read our parent information sheet and our risk assessment, too. 


If there is anything you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone or through our Facebook page. 


 We look forward to welcoming you to Campfire WILD sessions again!